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Christian Leadership Degrees

Today you have the opportunity to make an important decision that could significantly improve your career, impact the lives of others, and influence the future of Christian ministry. By choosing to earn your Degree in Christian Leadership you can set that opportunity in motion.

Christian Leadership programs prepare students to serve the church in a variety of leadership positions. Courses provide students with a solid understanding of biblical leadership principles & strategies, equipping them to effectively serve in leadership positions. The degrees are grounded in a core of specialized courses that provide students with an in-depth biblical foundation to supply the values, knowledge, & skills needed to effectively serve in church ministry.

Careers in Christian Leadership roles are a tremendous way to live a life rooted in church & community. If you strongly desire a way to positively impact the lives of others through your work, but you're a working adult - & your life is too busy to return to school & earn a degree. Now you can get the education & training you need Online, in your spare time.

Study Scripture, Christian Leadership, & Ministry at the academic level. Acquire the expertise & skills you hunger for. Get the certification, bachelor's, master's or even Doctorate degree you need to enhance your life, & begin your work towards a successful Christian career today.

* New International Version



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Doctor of Ministry
Pastoral Counseling (EdD) or (Master's)
Evangelism & Church Planting (Master's)
Marketplace Chaplaincy (Master's)
Master of Arts in Religion
Master of Divinity
Religious Education (Master's)
Sacred Theology (Master's)
Theological Studies (Master's)
Church Administration & Leadership (Bachelor's)
Christian Studies (Bachelor's)
Religion (Associate's & Bachelor's)
Certificate in Ministry Formation



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